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Many of my customers ship their instruments in from all over the US. Why? There are very few repair techs that specialize in vintage or antique brass wind repair and restoration. Most collectors prefer to deal with someone they know has the experience and attention to detail that will bring their valued instruments back to life.

Please email or use the contact form to discuss your project. I am generally able to respond quickly by email for initial contact. 

Instruments may be shipped to-

Mark Metzler
29045 County Road 30
Elkhart, IN 46517

Click here for a printable shipping label. This prints two labels on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. It is a good idea to fill out both labels. One to be affixed to the box, the other placed inside the box, in case the outer label is accidentally torn off in shipping.

When packing, wrap your instrument in several layers of bubble wrap. Place the instrument in a sturdy cardboard box with five or six inches of packing peanuts surrounding the instrument. Shake the box to settle the peanuts, add more if needed. In most instances, it is best to send the instrument without the case. Please include all your contact information and instructions with your instrument.


I suggest insurance, but be aware that willingness to pay off in the event of a claim varies depending on the carrier, even though you paid for a certain amount of coverage. If your instrument is covered under a Scheduled Items Policy, or  a Collectibles Policy, check with your agent- it may be that the insurance travels with the instrument, and coverage from the carrier is not needed.

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